Direct Reimbursement

A family-friendly cost-effective dental plan that works for employers, families and dentists!

Carnation is a simple way of delivering dental benefits to employees and may cut the employer’s cost of providing dental coverage.

Carnation is championed by the Ohio Dental Association, employers, patients and dentists alike. Funds allocated for dental care go towards just that - unlike typical indemnity plans with 32% of total employer costs going toward overhead and administration expenses. The employee is completely free to choose his or her dentist. While this may sound too good to be true, we assure you that it’s not! Several local companies and hundreds of local employees and their families are enjoying the high degree of value that Carnation delivers. Ask your health benefits manager to take a serious look at Carnation. Carnation Dental

For a no-obligation consultation employers and benefits managers may contact our executive office for more information.