Mutual Assistance

Corydon Palmer has developed a voluntary, but not guaranteed, mutual assistance program to aid a stricken colleague and/or the family in the event that the colleague is unable to continue his/her practice due to disability or death. The Corydon Palmer Executive office can send an email, if asked on behalf of the dentist, asking for volunteers to cover part time at the office for a limited period of time. If someone volunteers, the email will direct them to reach out to the office manager of that office for scheduling.

The best way for a member to receive help is to become active in the Dental Society. The more colleagues that you interact with at our CE's, volunteer programs, political or social functions, the greater chance more members will volunteer for someone they know. Those who give of their time and assistance to others will most likely be the first to receive help when they are in need.

The Corydon Palmer Dental Society recommends that all dentists be proactive and take the time to investigate The Corydon Palmer Dental Society In Any Event Planning Guide. It is a guide that we encourage each dentist to download, fill out, share with your spouse or power of attorney in case your office should ever have an emergency. If all of the details and documentation mentioned in this guide are filled out and documents accounted for, in an emergency, your family and office can survive in the most difficult of times.  For the most positive and easiest transition in a time of need, The Corydon Palmer Dental Society In Any Event Planning Guide can and should be proactively filled out and periodically updated.

*Reminder CPDS does not provide legal, management, accounting, brokering advise or services.