Retiring Dentist Resources

If you are planning to retire and close your practice, the ADA has many guides to assist you in retiring, closing, and selling a practice. Please click the link (below) that will help you through the process. It contains useful information on informing patients and authorities on the closing of the practice; steps to dismissing the staff; how to dispose of dental equipment, supplies and instruments; how to deal with patient records; and much, much, more.

Please don't forget if you are retiring soon to fill out the Retirement Affidavit Form and send it back to our CPDS executive office so we can make sure we have your profile up to date.

CPDS has also put together a practice transition guide for our members. Please click here for the CPDS Practice Transitions Guide.

ADA Guides to Retirement:

New -  Practice Transitions and Other Changes
(from GPS Managing Professional Risks, there are several articles in this section)

New -  Joining and Leaving a Practice (115 pg guide)

Happy Retirement: 6 Tips for Boomers Preparing for Retirement

Closing a Dental Practice (47pg guide)