Guidelines for Service On The Board Of Trustees

Mission Statement

The mission of the Corydon Palmer Dental Society is to collectively promote, educate, and represent members of the Dental Society and thereby better serve the health of our community.

The Dynamics

Corydon Palmer Dental Society is widely recognized as an effective, energetic, component of the American Dental Association. To achieve this reputation we have created a structure that operates on an interrelationship of the Board of Trustees with the Long Range Strategic Planning Committee and the various committees and subcommittees. Guided by the LRSPC's vision for the future, the committees work to make the plans come true, always heedful of the input of the at-large membership and the entire Board of Trustees.

Service Is The Name Of The Game...

Serving on Corydon Palmer's Board of Trustees bring with it certain obligations and commitments. It is only fair that each board member has a clear understanding of exactly what these basics expectations are in order that he/she is able to make their time as meaningful as possible and in keeping with Corydon Palmer's mission statement.

Information and Expectations:

Term of Service:
Each year half of our trustees are elected to serve for a term of (2) years. Each trustee is eligible to serve two consecutive two-year terms, if so elected.

Meeting Structure:
The Board will meet (4) times a year.

Attendance Requirements:
Any Board member who misses two board meeting will be notified that a subsequent absence will disqualify him/her as a Board member unless retained by the Board of Trustees because of extenuating circumstances.

Structure for meeting information:
Meeting packets containing the agenda, minutes, reports, and necessary supporting information for the agenda items are disseminated in advance of the meeting and posted on our website. Please familiarize yourself with these items so that you will have the necessary background information for effective discussion and deliberation.

Trustee Representative Commitments:
Each Board member is assigned a group of dentists from the general membership as his or her representation group. Members may call their designated representative to ask questions, make suggestions or for other pertinent to Society or the profession. Trustees keep in touch with their membership group to pass on news of board votes, solicit input on issue, etc.

Comments for chairing or serving on a committee:
The society has major functioning committees and a number of subcommittees. All board members are expected to chair or serve on those committees to which they can best contribute. Committees are as follows:

Audit Committee
The Audit Committee, together with the treasurer and the assistant treasurer, prepares an audit of the treasury soon after the close of the books on December 31 and presents finding at one of the first two Board meetings of the year.

Budget and Finance Committee
The Budget and Finance Committee determines the budget and financial priorities for the upcoming year, guided by the strategic planning committee. They also review, vet, and work through all of the information regarding our "Endorsed Partner" program.

Bylaws Committee
The Bylaws Committee considers all matters concerning the amendments, alterations, or revisions, of the Bylaws.

Communications and Public Services Committee

The Communications and Public Services Committee has the responsibility for public relations and public appearances, maintaining a liaison with the Ohio Dental Association's Council on Communications and Public Services, and Ohio Department of Health and other health agencies.

Children's Dental Health Month, Forensics, Mass Disaster,
Canfield Fair, Critical Issues

Continuing Education Committee
The Continuing Education Committee, with the assistance of the executive director, prepares and manages all aspects of the clinic days.

Dental Education Committee
The Dental Education Committee assists educational institutions in the formation of policies or courses for paraprofessionals, and conducts programs of recruitment to attract qualified students to the study of allied dental careers.

YSU Advisory, Choffin Advisory, TriCounty Hygiene Liaison,
Alliance Liaison, Medial Societies Liaison, Scholarship Committee

Governmental Affairs Committee
The Governmental Affairs Committee monitors and when appropriate, becomes involved in all matters regarding proposed and/orcurrent local, state and national legislation, regulations, governmental programs or activities and other dental related matters.

Judicial Committee
The Judicial Committee investigates all alleged violations and presents a written report, with recommendations, to the Board of Trustees.


Long Range Strategic Planning Committee
The Long Range Strategic Planning Committee determines the needs of the members, recommends objectives to meet their needs, reviews, prioritizes and recommends strategies to achieve the goals to the Board of Trustees.

Membership Committee
The Membership Committee encourages participation in organized dentistry, coordinates social events and enhances fellowship of the organization, and provides assistance to impaired members.

Golf, Gala, Mentoring, Mutual Assistance
Concerned Dentists, Peer Review

Support of society programs:
The society sponsors several educational appearances throughout the year, an annual fund-raiser golf outing, an annual winter dance/installation meeting. Board members are expected to participate in these functions and others for the good of the society and the profession.


In Summary

The days are long gone when the profession of dentistry can stand alone and survive solely on the virtues and principles that have been foundational to the honor and integrity of our founding forefathers.

There has always been change, but the difference today is the rate at which change is taking place. Dentistry has been blessed with many new concepts ideas and innovations. Our profession has also been challenged with its fair share of threats. Today, there are issues lining up against us on many fronts. Most of the threats encountered are seeking to stretch us into a different shape, one that threatens the integrity of the doctor/patient relationship we have worked so hard to develop.

The CPDS has enjoyed a long history of strong leadership. We have done much to continue to keep the boarders of our profession well protected. Corydon Palmer has become recognized throughout the county for innovative and creative programs that are serving to keep dentistry moving forward.

Our challenge then, is to keep passing this torch forward and to never let the flame die out.
Serving as s trustee of the CPDS is a call to carry this torch. It is a position of distinction and honor, one that can have a tremendous impact on the future of our profession as well as the well-being of the patients we serve.

Welcome, and Congratulations!