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Guidelines for Service On The Board Of Trustees

Mission Statement

The mission of the Corydon Palmer Dental Society is to collectively promote, educate, and represent members of the Dental Society and thereby better serve the health of our community.

Service Is The Name Of The Game...

Serving on Corydon Palmer's Board of Trustees bring with it certain obligations and commitments. It is only fair that each board member has a clear understanding of exactly what these basics expectations are in order hat he/she is l to make their time as meaningful as possible and in keeping with Corydon Palmer's mission statement.

Information and Expectations:

Term of Service:
Each year half of our trustees are elected to serve for a term of (2) years. Each trustee is eligible to serve two consecutive two-year terms, if so elected.

Meeting Structure:
The Board will meet (4) times a year

Attendance Requirements:
Any Board member who misses one board meeting will be notified that a subsequent absence will disqualify him/her as a Board member unless retained by the Board of Trustees because of extenuating circumstances.

Structure for meeting information:
Meeting packets containing the agenda, minutes, reports and necessary supporting information for the agenda items are disseminated in advance of the meeting. Please familiarize yourself with these items so that you will have the necessary background information for effective discussion and deliberation. 

Trustee Representative Commitments:
Each Board member is assigned a group of dentists from the general membership as his or her representation group. Members may call their designated representative to ask questions, make suggestions or for