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Peer Review Process

Peer Review

Through the Ohio Dental Association, Corydon Palmer Dental Society conducts a peer review program to settle disputes between patients and dentists or third-party payers and dentists. This is a non-threatening opportunity for dentists and patients to resolve disputes when they cannot do so on their own. The kinds of disputes that may be resolved through peer review are complaints about the quality of care, the appropriateness of care, or the fairness of fees.

Peer review is not a disciplinary body and does not have the authority or inclination to issue fines, take action against a dentist’s license and/or make public its findings. Peer review can only determine whether a refund is in order and whether any balance that is still outstanding be waived. Peer review is an alternative for patients and dentists to resolve issues outside of traditional litigation. It comes at no cost to either party. 

The society’s peer review committee will conduct the peer review and convey its decision to the dentist and the complaining party.
Under some circumstances, decisions of the peer review committee at the local society’s level can be appealed to the state dental association by either the dentist or the complaining party.

Matters accepted for ODA Peer Review:

  • The treatment in question must have occurred in the past 12 months.
  • Appropriateness of Care: The Peer Review Committee shall determine the professional acceptability of planned or completed treatments, consistent with diagnosis. In other words, did the dentist provide appropriate treatment for the condition that existed?
    Quality of Treatment: The Peer Review Committee shall determine the acceptability of completed treatment based on the standard of care expected by the profession. In other words, was the treatment performed by the dentist done correctly?

Matters not accepted for ODA Peer Review

  • Any complaint that doesn't concern the appropriateness of care or quality of care is not accepted.
  • If the case involves a fee or billing dispute, it is not accepted.
  • Complaints of poor customer service, practice management or concerning a staff member's behavior are not accepted.
  • If either party has contacted an attorney, even if litigation has not been initiated, the case will not be accepted.
  • If a complaint already has been filed with the Ohio Dental Board, it will not be accepted.

Complaint Forms

After reviewing the criteria above, if you wish to submit your complaint to the ODA Peer Review program, download and complete this form. If the complaint does not qualify for ODA Peer Review, patients may complete a complaint form available from the Ohio Dental Board. Patients may view discipline actions of the Dental Board.

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